Finance 101 Survey

    Finance 101 Survey

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    Personal Challenges

    1. Are you still suffering from financial losses as a result of any economic downturn?*

    2. Are you concerned about any of the following? Check all that apply.*
    Too many bills?Lack of savings / investments for emergency or retirement?Lack of preparation for your kid's college education?Not knowing enough about medicare options?Paying too much for health insurance but not getting enough benefits?Have little or no risk management protection in case of disability or long term illness?Concern about financial future of your loved ones?Other

    3. Click on additional concern that applies:
    I support children aging parents or other dependentsI am concern about the future of my job or careerI feel that financial concept that involves insurance, debt, inflation and taxes are confusing

    4. When saving and investing, what would you rather have for your money?*
    Better ReturnBetter Safety

    5. What is your ideal age for retirement?*

    6. If another emergency occurred today, do you have enough money saved to last you for up to 6 months?*

    7. Any other financial concern on your mind not listed above?

    Financial Solutions

    8. Do you want to learn how to get your children in to a good college with proper planning and funding?*

    9. Do you or does anyone you know need help with healthcare options?*

    10. Do you want to learn more about how money works and how to build a stronger financial foundation?*

    11. Are you interested in making more money on a part-time basis?*

    12. Do you want to explore a new business career in the fast growing financial industry?*

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